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29Oct Finally... studio space

When I took over my little gift shop in Rozel, it was always my intention to create some work space for my self.  Fourteen months after I opened, I finally got the space I wanted without losing too much shop space. I can now work whilst in the shop but keep…

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22May Hello...again

Hi!  Well it's been a while since I last blogged.  I'd love to be able to say that I have been gallivanting around the world seeing tons of beautiful sights and topping up my tan, but alas, my only excuse is day to day life getting in the way. Well, anyway,…

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03Jan Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!A lot has happened since my last blog post.  I've given up working as a teaching assistant to spend more time designing and creating beautiful jewellery.  I am also working part time (due to Jersey's weird Social Security rules) in the shop that sells my jewellery, I also…

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14Jul Dragon chooses the Dragonfly

Wow..... What an amazing week!!Every Sunday for the last 22 months I have tweeted former Dragon's Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis in the hope of being picked as one of his favourite 6 business of the week.  During this time I have made a number of friends who formed a group…

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13Oct Trying something new

I have been trying out a few new things recently.One being hand-stamping on metal...I saved up all my birthday money in August to get some tools from the USA and despite smacking my thumb with a 1lb hammer (ouch!!) I am simply loving it!! I am now hand-stamping my own…

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17Mar Flu and Snowmageddon

 I found myself asking early this week 'Why oh why did I not get my Flu jab this winter?????'   I got struck down last Friday and spent the next 5 days in bed.  Missing out on the worst snow storm to hit Jersey in 40 years!!!  Still feeling weak…

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10Sep Post London 2012 Blues

Ohhhh I am missing the Paralympics already.   I was as gripped by the amazing sportsmen and women in the last 11 days as I was by the Olympics last month.  It's been a truly brilliant summer of sport  In fact it's been a great summer to be British!!  Need…

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25Aug Cullinan Diamonds and Tea with the Queen

Wooooh....what a hectic couple of weeks!!  We spent the middle week and a bit of August in the UK visiting family and friends as well as some of the sights!  On the 11th My Dad got married to Anne, it was a lovely sunny day and a good time was…

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27May Welcome to The Lilac Dragonfly

Good evening/morning/afternoon depending on when you read this!!Welcome along to the revamped website/blog!   Well after a good month or so The Lilac Dragonfly is in business.  If you didn't know, I discovered that I didn't have the correct paperwork for running a business in Jersey.  In putting this straight it…

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