When I took over my little gift shop in Rozel, it was always my intention to create some work space for my self.  Fourteen months after I opened, I finally got the space I wanted without losing too much shop space. 

I can now work whilst in the shop but keep the counter free from laptops, cutting mats, vinyl and beads.  No more having to move everything when my lovely customers come in, no more tripping over packs of cards or tubes of vinyl and no more late nights working at home.   I am in seventh heaven... I have my radiator heater behind here so can stay toasty warm on the coldest of days and have space to actually move behind the counter.

Finding a desk that would match the height of the original counter proved to be quite difficult, unless I wanted to spend 100's of pounds on a made to measure counter/desk.  I looked at standing desks (too expensive) kitchen units (too much DIY needed with work tops etc) and finally had the idea of a baby changing unit. I looked at Ikea online and found the perfect one (the Stuva).  This caused some confusion with friends and family when I announced that I was going to get a baby changing unit when I went to Southampton in September.  Was rather funny actually.  

It's now up and I love having all the extra storage and works pace it allows me.  It's like a little corner studio.

Now the weather is turning cold and the days are getting shorter it will be lovely to be busy making goodies ready for the festive season.

Bye for now

S x