Good evening/morning/afternoon depending on when you read this!!

Welcome along to the revamped website/blog!   

Well after a good month or so The Lilac Dragonfly is in business.  If you didn't know, I discovered that I didn't have the correct paperwork for running a business in Jersey.  In putting this straight it transpired that I would have to change my name!  This gave me a headache, having had the name for a while and having to check to see if domains etc were available for every idea I had.  After long deliberation I settled on The Lilac Dragonfly.  

I'm quite excited about a fresh new start.....It has given me the chance to re-photograph some pieces (with my posh Digital SLR) although am still not totally happy with them I will keep persevering until I get it just right!!

Was quite interested the other day to see a bracelet very very similar to one that I have been making for a couple of years sitting in H.Samuel for 3 times the amount I sell mine for.  Maybe I need to rethink my prices ;)

I've got a very busy week ahead workwise....(am working full time this week....arrgggh) so am seriously looking forward to getting some crafting done during half term the week after.....I just hope the glorious weather continues.....isn't it great??  We tried to have a barbecue this weekend....But by the time we put the thing together yesterday it was far too late to start cooking...(who knew it would take so long??)  Today I sent Steve out for a gas cylinder only for him to lose the last cylinder in the shop to the woman in front of we've had lovely burgers, sausages and chicken cooked in the oven......ah's looking to next weekend!!

Steve (Hubby) is doing a round island walk next month....a total of 48 miles with a 3am start (I do hope he doesn't wake me up when he leaves lol)  He did a 5 hour training walk this morning...he was shattered when he got home...but am proud of his well done Stevie B!!

Have a great week

Bye for now

S x