I have been trying out a few new things recently.

One being hand-stamping on metal...I saved up all my birthday money in August to get some tools from the USA and despite smacking my thumb with a 1lb hammer (ouch!!) I am simply loving it!! I am now hand-stamping my own little brand tags and giving them a little bit of colour.  They look quite cute with the dragonfly charm.

I also stamped a heart pendant  for my best friend's daughter's 16th birthday.  I am only learning still, so it's really simple, but I was pleased that I didn't ruin the pendant by mucking up (I have a ton of silver that needs recycling now from all my 'practice')  

She really loved it!!  Which is always a relief.  I am hoping to continue to improve and make more charms/pendants available in the very near future.  

My other new thing is using more semi precious stones...I came across some Sodalite in the sale at my local craft shop, I really loved the blue/white/grey shades running through the beads.   I teamed them up with some small silver beads and made a bracelet and a pair of earrings.  The bracelet sold within hours of putting it on the website.  I am now awaiting a delivery of more Sodalite, some Blue Lace Agate, and Red Tiger Eye beads....I can't wait for them to arrive so I can start creating!  I photographed the sodalite on a black  and a white background and was really surprised how different the same beads looked on the different backdrop.

On a personal note.....Summer came and went far too fast.  Son Matthew got the results he needed to get on to his college course and is now vrooming around the island on his moped....(I have to admit, I worry every time he goes out on the thing, but you have to let them go right?)  Daughter Jo passed her grade 3 flute exam and is working her way through her Baden Powell challenge at Guides.  One of her challenges was making a shelter in the back garden and sleeping there all night...!  Well...what a palava!  We bought a tent as we thought that would be easier...we were wrong!  We are NOT campers and it took what felt like forever to put the thing up (and it leaked in the night when it rained so we obviously didn't do it properly)  I had to plod down at 3am to her and her friends to tell to be quiet and go to sleep as they were keeping me (and our neighbours probably) awake.  We 3 very tired young ladies the next day!

Finally...... X-Factor and Strictly have started, which can only mean one thing!!  The countdown to Christmas has begun!  Have already started my shopping, and today I made my Christmas cake, the house smells delicious.  Once again I thank Delia for her cake recipe!  I have just ordered a ton of supplies to make stock for my stall at The Living Legend Christmas Craft Fayre!  Hope it arrives quickly, have only got 5 weeks!

I think that's it for now......

Catch you soon! S x