Ohhhh I am missing the Paralympics already.   I was as gripped by the amazing sportsmen and women in the last 11 days as I was by the Olympics last month.  It's been a truly brilliant summer of sport  In fact it's been a great summer to be British!!  Need to start looking to Christmas to banish those Games blues....I KNOW it's early but need something to focus on now :)

Regular readers will know that I have been experimenting with my new Modahaus tabletop studio getting there I think!  A friend asked if I could do anything for his website....he sells candles and his site is The Candlelight Company .... well worth a visit.  So in exchange for some Lavender oil (don't you just love the bartering system?) I took some pics for him.  He's happy with them as they have his company logo on them and the current pics have the manufacturers label.


I really do like using the studio.  I would really need to get a bigger one to do the taller candles justice really.....But  am quite pleased with what I've been able to do with what I've got.

I'm back at work now....6 weeks went by far too fast!!  So my time is now torn between teens (at school)....Teen and tween ( at home), home,  hubby, Dragonfly and Crafty-Bitz....there's nothing like keeping busy :)  Lots of early nights for the time methinks!!

Bye for now