Happy Sunday everyone!

Today I have been playing about with my Cold enamelling Kit from Homecrafts Direct.  Haven't had a great deal of time lately to devote to it, but I thought I'd have a quick go. 


The kit comes in a neat little box and contains everything you need to start cold enamelling apart from something to enamel.   I bought  a couple of inexpensive brooch findings from my local craft centre so I could try it out.  It's not complicated, you need to add 1 part hardener to 2 parts of colour (and this has to be exact or it won't harden properly)  Here is my first attempt -

 I did the base in a cherry red translucent colour then mixed up red and opaque white to add the swirls to give it some depth.  I did the same with the green of the leaf.  The photo doesn't quite capture the colour or the shine, but I'll re do it when I have some decent light (and when it dries takes 24 hours to completely cure) I have started another couple of projects which will take a couple of sittings so I will reveal those in the next few blogs :D  I will say that I think this could be the start of a new loving the effects that can be gained and may soon have to get some more colours!!  You can see details of the kit at Homecrafts Direct.

Christmas is coming!!  You can't really avoid it's everywhere!  I am hoping for a busy 3 weeks followed by some serious downtime....and family time.  We're staying on Island this year....which means missing family and friends, but also means we avoid holiday travel stresses!  Am about 3/4 of the way through the pressie shopping which it brill and I have big plans to get everything wrapped by the weekend before the big day.  (I am usually up until late Xmas eve wrapping and I DON'T want to be doing that THIS year)  Whether it will come off or not remains to be seen ;).  The cake is smelling gorgeously brandified and it still has at least another 2 feeds before it's iced...Yum!!

Take care!

Bye for now,