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14Jul Dragon chooses the Dragonfly

Wow..... What an amazing week!!Every Sunday for the last 22 months I have tweeted former Dragon's Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis in the hope of being picked as one of his favourite 6 business of the week.  During this time I have made a number of friends who formed a group…

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03Apr News!

I have news!  Several pieces actually!I know I haven't appeared to be around much lately, but have been so busy behind the scenes I haven't managed to peek round the blog door for absolutely ages!!  My day job is hectic at the moment because exam season is just round the…

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13Oct Trying something new

I have been trying out a few new things recently.One being hand-stamping on metal...I saved up all my birthday money in August to get some tools from the USA and despite smacking my thumb with a 1lb hammer (ouch!!) I am simply loving it!! I am now hand-stamping my own…

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17Mar Flu and Snowmageddon

 I found myself asking early this week 'Why oh why did I not get my Flu jab this winter?????'   I got struck down last Friday and spent the next 5 days in bed.  Missing out on the worst snow storm to hit Jersey in 40 years!!!  Still feeling weak…

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02Dec Cold enamelling

Happy Sunday everyone!Today I have been playing about with my Cold enamelling Kit from Homecrafts Direct.  Haven't had a great deal of time lately to devote to it, but I thought I'd have a quick go.  The kit comes in a neat little box and contains everything you need to start…

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18Nov One happy little dragonfly

Hey!! Apologies in advance for the short post, but I am SHATTERED!!  Have been at a 2 day craft fair and had a ball!!  Great atmosphere, a high turnout and people spending...The perfect weekend!!  I also took a fairly large order that will keep me busy for a while...Happy Happy days!!Here's…

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10Sep Post London 2012 Blues

Ohhhh I am missing the Paralympics already.   I was as gripped by the amazing sportsmen and women in the last 11 days as I was by the Olympics last month.  It's been a truly brilliant summer of sport  In fact it's been a great summer to be British!!  Need…

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25Aug Cullinan Diamonds and Tea with the Queen

Wooooh....what a hectic couple of weeks!!  We spent the middle week and a bit of August in the UK visiting family and friends as well as some of the sights!  On the 11th My Dad got married to Anne, it was a lovely sunny day and a good time was…

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27May Welcome to The Lilac Dragonfly

Good evening/morning/afternoon depending on when you read this!!Welcome along to the revamped website/blog!   Well after a good month or so The Lilac Dragonfly is in business.  If you didn't know, I discovered that I didn't have the correct paperwork for running a business in Jersey.  In putting this straight it…

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